Here Are Some Safety Tips For Dogs

There is nothing better than basking in the sun with your best dog friend on a hike. Although this is a good time to get closer to your furry friend, one thing to keep in mind is the presence of snakes on these winding trails, especially during the warmer months.

Even when you are playing catch-up on your lawn, these slippery creatures can also hide nearby. Before you go for a walk with your puppy, it is important to know how to stay safe near snakes.

Do Snakes Avoid Dogs?

Snakes usually like to be alone and will not strike you unless you provoke them. In most matters, they will escape on their own. However, they can strike when dogs stick their snouts into bushes or crevices in rocks — because of this, dogs often get health-issue from snakebites on their faces. When hiking, keep your dog on a leash to control where he goes. Keep the main trails-snakes usually live in wooded areas near lakes and ponds.

If you live in a place where there are a lot of rattlesnakes, ask your veterinarian for an approved vaccine for dogs against rattlesnakes, which creates neutralizing antibodies against the venom of West Diamondbacks.

What to do If you see a snake while Hiking

If you notice a snake, the best way to act is to slowly move away from it and prevent your dog from interacting with it. Let him slide and assume that he can make a lunge for a long distance. If your dog is bitten, consult a veterinarian immediately. You can also call the park warden’s office to see if they can help — definitely, don’t try to suck the virus yourself!

What To Do If You See A Snake In Your Yard

Snakes don’t just appear during hikes. In the summer, they can really slip out of wooden structures and appear in your garden! The best way to act is to leave the snake alone and ask for professional help to remove it if it does not disappear. If you see a snake on your territory, close your doors and fill all the slots located below.

Signs of having snakes in Your Garden

If you doubt that you may have snakes in your garden, characteristic signs include:

  • Snakeskin fall
  • Traces of dust or dirt from slippery snakes
  • Strange smells in the crawling rooms
  • Snake feces, which looks like bird feces, but may contain BONES and hair from prey

How to prevent snakes in Your Garden

It is always best to call a snake removal service when you see a snake in your garden, but you can prevent the snakes from visiting in the first place. The key is to eliminate the places where they can hide. Cut the tall grass, remove the debris and put the burrows to sleep. You also want to monitor the content of rats and mice, because these creatures are food for snakes.

Seeing a snake on a path or in your garden can be scary. When you notice a snake while walking with your dog, don’t panic! It all comes down to staying calm and getting professional help as soon as possible.

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